Copper Sinks Website Reviews

Copper Sinks Online - 5 Stars

This is the retailer I purchased my sinks from. They have a vast selection of designs, four great patinas, and a lot of helpful information on the site, AND it’s easy to navigate! Their kitchen sinks are crafted out of 14 gauge copper, bath sinks are 16 gauge. They have a top-notch customer service and sales team- friendly and knowledgeable with some great design advice to offer. They offer customization consultations, quotes, and ordering all over the phone and it only takes 3-6 weeks for your order to arrive. PLUS, If you send them installation photos for their online gallery, they’ll offer you 10% off your next order on any of their websites (copper sinks, non-copper sinks, lighting, body care) and that’s how I ended up with my kitchen pendant lights! A list of all the associated websites can be found here. They are also on pinterest, facebook, and twitter.

Native Trails - 3 Stars

This is a great company; they offer hand-hammered and smooth copper sinks in a variety of nice designs and patinas, but they only sell wholesale to retailers and are also very expensive. They have a friendly website with a lot of information, and a pleasant customer service team. Ultimately, I chose not to purchase one of these sinks because I didn’t want to travel to a retail location to work on a custom order and I wanted a 14 gauge copper kitchen sink; their kitchen sinks are crafted in 16 gauge.

Copper Sinks Direct – 3 Stars

This site has a good, large selection of hand-hammered and smooth copper sinks. The prices are right and the information is helpful, but there is a lack of images here that I have a hard time with because I can’t visualize their products in use. All the information is dumped onto the page and it is difficult to absorb. They offer customization, but I got the customer service team on a hard day and it wasn’t a very pleasant experience

Rachiele – 2 Stars

Rachiele has a really interesting selection of patinas and designs (for that he gets 2 stars) but the website is confusing and hurts my eyes. The “hand-hammered” option was hard to find and once I did I was extremely disappointed, especially with the pricing. Personally, I have to say I don’t agree with Rachiele’s business tactics to always be putting the competition down and he makes some really outrageous claims I don’t even want to get into.